Sunday, July 20, 2014

Martial Archetype: Ranger

Martial Archetype: Ranger
Rangers are specialist Fighters. Rangers are masters of the woodlands and wild places. specializing in ranged and two weapon fighting.

Pre req: Fighting style, Must take Archery or Two weapon fighting.

Level 3: Woodland Stride: Gain skill proficiency in nature and Stealth. Full movement in woodland and wild surroundings. Advantage on Survival rolls in woodlands.

Level 7: Favored Enemy: +2 Damage to favored enemies. Improved crit against favored enemies (19-20). (choose 2) Goblins, Orcs, Gnolls, Kobalds, Fey, Hobgoblins, Undead, Dradonoids, And any other choices allowed by the GM.

Level 9: Combat Master: (replaces Indomitable) Have advantage on hit rolls against favored enemy.

Level 10: Fighting style: gain Archery or Two weapon fighting.

Level 15: Improved Combat Master: Improved crit when using fighting style (19-20), When attacking favored enemy (18-20).

Level 18: Hold the Line: If the ranger chooses not to move and makes a stand he may make an attack on any enemy as a free reaction who comes with in range (melee) or moves into sight (ranged) up to 5 targets. Rangers cant Hold the line again till after a long rest.


  1. You do understand that there is a ranger class coming out. Also archetypes do not have pre-reqs

    1. I'm switching my game over now and I got a Ranger in the group. And forcing the fighting style as a pre-req was just one easy way to focus on the two Ranger fighting styles, Archery and two weapon fighting. Its just for my home game.